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3rd April 20
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John Cross CE School Curriculum

Please click on the tabs opposite to see the content of our school curriculum this year. Each class has a 'Curriculum jigsaw' which allows you to see which units of work and topics are being covered each half-term.

 If parents have any further queries regarding this then please speak to a member of staff in school.

















We are Online Games Designers!

KS2 have been working hard on the coding for their first online games using Purple Mash.  We have now published links to our completed games (with instructions) on the Internet - hopefully these can be accessed via the school’s website in the curriculum section by the end of this week. Their games can now be played by anyone … anywhere in the world!

Starling Games

(more to follow in due course!)



Find the colour bubbles that have no sound, there are two of the same colour that don’t have any sound when you click the bubble



Eddie’s game

Which moving bubble doesn’t make a noise when clicked?

You have to click the moving bubbles to find the one that doesn’t make a sound.



Kiera’s game 


What you have to do is find the ones that hide but remember there are lots of bubbles.



Grace’s Bubble Game

In this game you have to click bubbles to try to find out which one doesn’t make a sound.



Kingfisher Games

(more to follow in due course!)



Click the planes to make them take off. This game is for ages 5-6. 




My bubble game

In this game you need to click on all of the bubbles and find which bubble bangs!




To play my game you have to find the bubble that has no sound.  My age rating for my game is 3+.



Owen’s Knight Game Instructions

When playing my game,  you’ll  have fun! If you click on the queen she disappears. When you click on the king he makes a donkey sound! When the knight collides with the dragon it goes left. When the knight collides with both pillars it goes left then right. When the knight collides with the dragon it goes in the other direction. The dragon makes a bang noise when it hits the knight.



Lucy’s Game


You have to click on the knight and then try and click the queen before the dragon gets behind the knight,  or the knight will run away! 




This is my game: to play click the knight first, then as fast as you can click the king and queen so they can fly away from the dragon. Then, when the knight gets to the dragon,  click on the dragon so they fly together upwards.  Wait for the special surprise ending!

I would recommend this game for 5-11 year olds so the fun keeps on going but to get the game to work you must follow all the instructions in the right order or the game won’t work properly.

Good Luck!!!!! J :P



In my game you have to find the bubble that pops and when you do you win!!!!  It is very easy as it is only recommend for children 3-6!!

Yes I know it is easy, but you can still try it out!


Morgan M.

The instructions for my game are to find the bubble that splats instead of exploding!  If you find it in your first try, you win!



 My Game Instructions

To play my game you need speed!  You click on the king to start - kill all the dragons!  To kill them you click on them.  Remember – you only have 5 seconds to do it.  Good luck!



My instructions

In my game you need to find the pink bubble and click it to make it move left.




Find the vehicle (by clicking on all the vehicles) that has a secret boost and win.

Ages: all ages 



Instructions to my game

Click on the yellow plane and the helicopter in the fastest time possible! Be careful,   because they can crash!  Beware, you only have 5 seconds!!!!      



Lauren’s bubble game instructions.

Hi! To play my game you just simply need to find the bubble that pops when you click it. But watch out - if you get rid of too many bubbles you lose!

I recommend this game for a 4 year old and upwards.

Thank you for playing my game. By Lauren